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DreamPath Podcast

Sep 25, 2019

Host Bryan Smith and editor/producer Jason Moore talk about how the podcast started, the challenges they have faced, and the direction they want to take the show.  

What you will learn: 

  • How DreamPath went from an idea to a reality. 
  • Why Bryan started the podcast and what he hopes to accomplish through interviews of...

Sep 18, 2019

Hollis Wong-Wear is a Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, spoken word artist, public speaker, and creative consultant. When she’s not writing and composing her own music, she collaborates with individuals and organizations to develop their creative voices and amplify them for social change. Hollis is a member of...

Sep 4, 2019

Ricardo Frazer emigrated from Costa Rica to New York as a child, but he has spent most of his career in the Pacific Northwest, where he has been a pioneer of the music and arts scene for decades. Ricardo is currently Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Seattle Theater Group (STG), which operates multiple historic...