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DreamPath Podcast

Aug 19, 2020

Andrea Sooch is a successful actress, licensed drama therapist, and social worker. A native Hungarian, Andrea came to the US after receiving a scholarship from the American Musical and Dramatic Arts Academy. Many fans know Andrea from her recurring role as Russian mob boss Riva on the TNT series Claws. She has also appeared in hit shows such as The Blacklist, Broad City, Gotham, and Boardwalk Empire, as well as in films like John Wick 3, with Keanu Reeves. 

What you will learn:

  • How Andrea is coping with the pandemic in the Jersey Shore, and how she focuses on hope and living in the moment. [0:00-14:45]
  • The importance of mindfulness during the time of coronavirus, from both an actor’s and therapist’s perspective. [14:45-23:36]
  • The impact that Broadway and Hollywood shutting down has had on the entertainment industry, and why it's important to remain hopeful about our future. [23:36-32:59]
  • How everyone has their own part to play in the world, and why it's important not to pile expectations onto others. Also, how she relates (and doesn't relate) personally to the characters she plays (like Riva, on Claws). [32:59-46:59]
  • Her perspective on the concept of "learned hopefulness" and how she found acting as a profession after modeling. [46:59-57:15]
  • How a midlife crisis, which included losing her father, her husband, and watching the Twin Towers fall on 9/11 helped her realize she needed a sense of control, leading her to grad school and through a period of significant "post-traumatic growth" (as opposed to post-traumatic stress). [57:15-1:03:08]
  • Advice Andrea would give to young people interested in acting - doing it, “for the right reason.” [1:03:08-1:09:03]
  • What’s on the professional horizon for Andrea and what her ideal job would look like. [1:09:03-1:18:07]