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DreamPath Podcast

Mar 31, 2021

Lisa Foiles has been acting in Hollywood since she was 12. Best known as a series regular on the Nickelodeon sketch comedy show All That, she also appeared on Even Stevens and Malcolm in the Middle. Her film work includes the thriller Shiver and the comedy The Master of Disguise with Dana Carvey. Lisa currently stars on the YouTube series Stuff of Legends, created by Joshua Ovenshire, and authored the 5-star Amazon rated novel Ash Ridley and the Phoenix, about a 12 year-old's chance encounter with a bird named Flynn, who turns out to be a Phoenix.

What you will learn:

  • How Lisa’s childhood love of fantasy novels inspired her to create her own universe with the novel Ash Ridley and the Phoenix. Advice she has for aspiring fantasy writers. [0:00-7:13]
  • What it was like to voice the audiobook for Ash Ridley and the Phoenix, and how quarantine almost ruined her chance to record it. What she learned about perfection versus authenticity in the process. [7:13-12:14]
  • How Lisa was able to write and publish her book with no literary connections. Why she values fan responses over sales or critical reviews. [12:14-18:52]
  • What it was like performing on the new Dungeons and Dragons YouTube series Stuff of Legends, created by Joshua Ovenshire. Why this series was a perfect fit for her given her love of D&D and fantasy games. [18:52-24:02]
  • The story behind Lisa’s transition from Nickelodeon actor to the video game world. How acting has always been in her DNA, even if it wasn’t always her main focus. [24:02-31:37]
  • Why she left the acting in her late teens, and how she was able to get grounded via academia and exposure to friends outside of Hollywood, whereas some of her colleagues who stayed in the industry did not fare as well. [31:37-37:44]
  • How becoming a mother changed Lisa’s approach to social media. Lisa’s future plans in entertainment, which include acting and screenwriting. [37:44-47:09]