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DreamPath Podcast

Jun 24, 2020

Meredith O’Connor is a pop star, anti-bullying activist, and international spokesperson on mental health awareness. Her hit song Celebrity went viral on YouTube in 2013, with more than 2 million views, followed up by The Game, about bullying. This led to a world tour, being featured on Radio Disney and Teen Nick, and eventually an invitation to the United Nations to speak on the topic of bullying.

What you will learn:

  • How Meredith defied critics early in her career and proved that there is a sizable audience for songs with positive messages.
  • How her own struggles with OCD inspired her to become the role model she wished she had growing up.
  • Her thoughts on how widespread COVID anxieties could lead to the destigmatization of mental illness.
  • The significance of empathy and education about mental illness, especially for the parents of struggling kids.
  • How international success helped show her that no one is alone in their suffering, and made her resolve to help those feeling isolated even stronger.
  • How she handles the pressures of being in the public spotlight while managing pre-existing mental health issues.
  • The influence Broadway had on her vocal style growing up and how she transitioned to pop music.
  • How she collaborates in the songwriting process with her co-writer Heather Holly.
  • What it was like learning to play the guitar after receiving a record contract.
  • The advice she would give young people who wish to pursue music professionally. 
  • Why she chooses to embrace social media instead of viewing it as toxic.