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DreamPath Podcast

Nov 27, 2019

Tracy Rector is Seattle-based filmmaker focused on amplifying and empowering indigenous voices. She won an Emmy this year for her work on Dawnland, a documentary about the State of Maine's Truth and Reconciliation Commission which addressed cultural genocide perpetrated by social workers upon tribal families. Tracy has directed or produced over 400 films and is currently the director of Storytelling at Nia Tero, a world-wide NGO that focuses on securing indigenous guardianship of vital ecosystems.

What you will learn:

  • How Tracy learned the craft of filmmaking as a student at Evergreen College.
  • How her tribal culture influences her approach to art and storytelling.
  • How she views filmmaking as a collaborative process.
  • How she collaborated with the directors of Dawnland to ensure that the indigenous perspective was properly represented in the film.
  • The personal sacrifices she makes to work in this creative space. 
  • The challenges facing young, indigenous filmmakers and the effort she makes to inspire them to create impactful art.

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