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DreamPath Podcast

Sep 18, 2019

Hollis Wong-Wear is a Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, spoken word artist, public speaker, and creative consultant. When she’s not writing and composing her own music, she collaborates with individuals and organizations to develop their creative voices and amplify them for social change. Hollis is a member of the Seattle-based, electronic R&B trio Flavr Blue. She also works with other artists, including Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, and was nominated for a Grammy with them for her songwriting and vocals on their 2012 album The Heist

What you will learn in this episode:  

  • How Hollis went from Academia to rap and hip hop music, and how her family reacted to this change of trajectory.
  • How spoken word performances helped her grow as an artist. 
  • How she got involved in the making of the album The Heistwith Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.
  • How she helped Macklemore write the song “White Walls”.
  • How Hollis wrote the hook for White Walls and was chosen to perform on that song.
  • The importance of living and working in Los Angeles as a musician and artist.
  • How her mother’s work ethic and support influenced her education and career trajectory.  
  • How being nominated for a Grammy helped her career.  
  • Advice she would give to young artists trying to break into the arts.  

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