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DreamPath Podcast

Mar 27, 2019

DreamPath is about discovering the journeys of artists, filmmakers, musicians, etc., into their career in the arts. Through in-depth interviews we attempt to demystify and thus humanize artists and their creative process.

If you take the time to listen and ask questions with genuine curiosity, you will find that everyone - from a cashier at 7-11, to an executive at a software company, to a city mayor, to a stay at home mom - has an interesting story. But artists’ stories are often shrouded in enigma and even mythology - perhaps due to a common perception (or misperception) that creativity is something you are born with, or that successful artists have a “gift.”

While there is no clear path to becoming a successful artist, if we better understand the artist and their journey perhaps we can make them and their creative process more accessible, and in doing so help illuminate our own DreamPath.


What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What goals Bryan has for the DreamPath podcast and his interviews with top artists and up-and-coming creators
  • What questions Bryan will be asking his guests about their successes and failures, challenges and struggles
  • What sort of guests Bryan will be interviewing, including artists and creatives of all kinds
  • Why the steps on the path to becoming an artist, comedian, writer or director isn't often clear for new artists
  • How Bryan has learned to ask compelling questions and look for authentic answers through his career as a trial lawyer
  • How Bryan hopes to share the stories and career paths of his incredible and talented guests